The Tomb Mistress

Some notes are included in the. Queue for the gates of hell tomb of sargeras raid where the target mistress sassz ine will be the third and final boss of this section of the tomb of sargeras.

Tomb Of Sargeras The Tomb S Mistress Quest World Of Warcraft

Infernal spike to be precise.

The tomb mistress. The tomb of clara petacci the murdered mistress of italian dictator benito mussolini is facing demolition after her family failed to pay for its upkeep at the verano cemetery in rome. The tomb mistress cache quest turn in so i completed the order hall mission and then killed mistress for my heroic cache quest is ready for turn in but when i returned to my order hall the npc didn t have a quest for me to turn in. Slay the naga mistress who is tainting the denizens of the ocean beneath the tomb.

By admin december 1 2018. Slay the naga mistress who is tainting the denizens of the ocean beneath the tomb. This fight is all about the spikes.

Goroth is a single phase fight with massive fire dots and the spikes are the key to keeping that damage to a survivable level.

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