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Sleeping bag w compression sack fleece blanket mylar emergency blanket hand warmers collapsible nylon bag dry bag tarp or large poncho to use as coverage hennessee hammock w compression sack although your emergency go bag bag will include a number of items make sure your bag is sturdy and easy to carry. For a bug out bag the rule of thumb is carrying 72 hours worth of food and water.

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The truth is that the contents of your bug out bag are only as good as the individual using them.

72 hr bug out bag contents. Clothes can be bulky so carry only the essentials. Among the rush line which is their flagship backpack line the 72 ranks as one of our favorites. The term bug out bag also called a go bag or a 72 hour survival kit can be off putting to a lot of people.

At its core a bug out bag is a survival kit filled with essentials that can help you get through a variety of emergency scenarios. The 5 11 tactical rush 72 is a versatile rugged backpack that is designed to be a full featured 72 hour tactical bag and also a great hiking pack. If you happen to live in a cold region pack a jacket gloves hat and even another pair of cotton pants to wear over your jeans.

According to veteran military and survival expert jack spirko of the survival podcast a 72 hour bag is used when one has to evacuate their home. It makes it seem like you re eagerly awaiting a chance to go berserk in the wilderness. On the other hand a military bug out bag provides the user the essential supplies and gear to effectively respond to an armed attack or conflict.

You should also have the means to procure food if you are on the move long enough for your rations to run out. Also referred to by its acronym bob bug out bags are portable sacks or backpacks that contain the essential items you d need to survive for at least 72 hours in a shtf scenario when sh hits the fan. To maintain endurance and energy add a few packets of powdered electrolyte mix.

The 72 bob should have all the necessary survival items to get your from home to a safer location at a moments notice. Here are a few details to consider when it comes down to the nitty gritty of setting up the perfect bug out bag you need food and water for a minimum of 72 hours for each member of your. A pair of pants a couple of shirts some underwear and two pairs of socks are enough.

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