Long Eared Bat

It is distinguishable by its long ears when comparing it to other bats in its genus. Due to declines caused by white nose syndrome and continued spread of the disease the northern long eared bat was listed as threatened under the endangered species act on april 2 2015.

Long Eared Bat Drawing

It is extremely similar to the much rarer grey long eared bat which was only validated as a distinct species in the 1960s.

Long eared bat. The northern long eared bat is one of the species of bats most impacted by the disease white nose syndrome. Unlike most other bats the northern long eared forages along wooded hillsides and ridgelines not above valley bottom streams and along the edges of riparian forests. The brown long eared bat or common long eared bat plecotus auritus is a small eurasian insectivorous bat.

The brown long eared bat is a medium sized bat with very big ears. All uk bats are nocturnal feeding on midges. The northern long eared bat is a medium sized bat with a body length of 3 to 3 7 inches but a wingspan of 9 to 10 inches.

Brown long eared bat about. Their fur color can be medium to dark brown on the back and tawny to pale brown on the underside. In general any tree large enough to have a cavity or that has loose bark may be utilized by nleb for roosting or rearing young.

Widespread but absent from some scottish islands. This species is commonly found in the northern united states and southern canada east of british columbia. The brown long eared bat is known as the whispering bat because.

Long eared bats are found in both the old world and the new world plecotus and in australia nyctophilus. It has distinctive ears long and with a distinctive fold. They are approximately 4 7 cm 1 6 2 8 inches long not including the 3 5 5 5 cm tail and weigh 5 20 grams 0 2 0 7 ounce.

Northern long eared bats nleb also known as northern myotis are primarily forest dependent insectivores. Long eared bat also called lump nosed bat or big eared bat any of 19 species of small usually colony dwelling vesper bats family vespertilionidae. The northern long eared bat distinguishable from its close relatives as one might presume by its long ears is a small bat associated with mature interior forest environments.

They utilize a diversity of forest habitats for roosting foraging and raising young. The northern long eared bat is about 3 3 7 inches in length with a wingspan of 9 10 inches.

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