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Drape the open triangular bandage over the forearm with the apex beyond the elbow and the upper point over the uninjured shoulder. In the circular bandaging technique the layers of bandage are applied over the top of each other.

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Hadi naddaf and others published small animal bandaging casting and splinting techniques.

Triangular bandage techniques pdf. Turn the bandage through 90 and working from the distal to the proximal part of the limb cover the toes in a figure of eight arrangement. We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful to. Ease the base of the bandage under the hand forearm and elbow taking the lower point of the bandage up diagonally across the back.

However you can sometimes find them in other sizes too. Bandaging and splinting author. Cravat donut twist a triangular bandage into a rope shape.

This makes the bandage firm and protective. Place the middle of the bandage over the dressing a. Triangular bandage handkerchief bandage this type of bandage is used for emergency treatment and first aid head bandage sling roller bandage circular spiral recurrent plaster it is made from plaster of paris it immobilize fracture bone adhesive plaster.

This helps to distribute the pressure of the bandage. Army field manual 8 50 subject. Work up the limb until you are over the joint above the injury.

The standard size of triangle bandages is 40x40x56 inches 102x102x142 cm. When buying or making triangle bandages it is mostly important that the bandage is a right angle triangle. For circular bandage we used strips of cloth or gauze roller bandage or triangular bandage folded down to form strip of bandage cravat.

Tie the two ends with a reef knot on the uninjured side. Hand bandage place the hand in the middle of the triangular bandage with the wrist at the base of the place the apex over the fingers and tuck any excess material into the pleats on each side of the hand cross the ends on top of the hand take them around the wrist and tie them with a square knot. June 1957 created date.

Cross the ends of the bandage in opposite directions completely around the head b. Types of bandages roller bandages differ in sizes material cotton gauze elasticity non elastic roller bandage triangular bandages consist of base point and ends adhesive tape often use to secure bandages in place different types paper dermatologic etc adhesive strips used for small cuts combination of a dressing and a bandage. When folded down the triangle bandage is quite small usually just around 5 inches.

Techniques and methods of bandaging from small animal and human medicine need to be utilised in equines to help move equine bandaging forward. Tie the ends over the dressing c. Pdf on jan 14 2015 dr.

Form about a third into a ring of the size required and wrap the rest round and round through the. With the roll on the inner aspect unroll the bandage either toward you or laterally holding the.

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