West Facing Solar Panels

In the previous scenarios there aren t strong arguments to face your panels west when you have a choice to point them south. In contrast a north southern hemisphere facing roof gets sunshine from dawn to dusk.

West Facing Solar Panels Are Something Of An Anathema

West facing rooftop solar panels produced 49 percent more electricity during peak demand compared to south facing panels according to a new study from pecan street research institute katherine tweed of greentech media writes.

West facing solar panels. Pointing panels to the west means that in the hour beginning at 5 p m they produce 55 percent of their peak output. Most solar panels are facing the wrong direction say scientists. We will look at a couple of these what if cases next.

Don t worry an east and west facing solar panel orientation still works brilliantly throughout that 10 2 period in case you need to operate a pool pump or other cyclical appliance. This is one of the main drivers for the incentive the california energy commission is offering in california to users who install west facing rather than south facing systems. In winter when the sun is at an angle less than the pitch of the roof the panels will receive no sunlight.

According to the concord consortium makers of energy3d solar energy modeling software a home in boston ma with panels that face west would get 80 of the electricity that a house with south facing panels would. In northern hemisphere most solar panels point south. East and west facing solar panels ensure an optimised solar panel orientation for these peak times therefore maximising the ability to convert more energy from the available light.

However west facing panels might be the way to go in some situations e g a return to 3 8 pm peak pricing or a higher on peak price. One such solution is orienting solar pv panels to the west so that they produce more power in the afternoon during peak load times. With east or west facing panels the sun will be behind the roof for half the day.

But west facing panels are able to generate more even flow of electricity. West facing solar panels get less sun than those that face south but it s not as little as you may think. So a 10 kilowatt system would make 5 5 kilowatts.

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