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My shooting with several types of loads tells me that the oft quoted maximum effective range of 25 yards for 00 buck would go at least 10 yards farther with 000. The buck 110 lt is a fantastic knife for the money.

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Buck 110 self defense. It has a smooth edge that makes it best for hunters and those that enjoy the rugged outdoors. I also like the lanyard hole. If i were to switch to a 410 i d try the federal handgun hornady critical defense remington ultimate defense and winchester 000 loads to see which one recoiled the least and patterned best in my gun.

For around 40 years if a man needed to clean a fish open an envelope or slice an apple the buck 110 was the ultimate and only choice. The grip is nearly 5 long by 5 8 thick and 3 4 wide at its narrowest point. It has a good size handle for doing work and it s a lot lighter than the standard 110 which makes it nicer for things like hiking or edc when weight is a consideration.

The buck 110 is not a small knife and it really fills average sized hands like mine. The buck 110 is the often imitated never duplicated og folding knife. Buck bu110 buck 110 comes with genuine leather sheath that makes it feel good in the end and gives extra grip.

This is a large grip for a folding knife and what it gives up in ease of carry it gives back in comfort and control when you re actually cutting with it. This knife is truly a classic and should be issued to every red blooded american boy at birth since it has got the razor sharped edge. There s no better modern classic than this idaho made brute.

While some modern folding knives are fancier few have the rugged staying power of buck. Recently buck took the knife world by storm with the release of the 110 auto. In the 50 years since the buck 110 has cemented itself as one of the most important and widely used pocket knives in the history of america.

This is your granpappy s folding knife in the best possible way. Buck did the world a real solid by releasing the 110 automatic. Known as the folding hunter the buck 110 is still one of the best selling knives today.

The folding hunter is equipped with a nail notch lockback design that opens easily and closes safely during any activity ensuring that the knife never goes out of style. It patterned very tightly with federal s 000 buckshot handgun ammo and was an impressive close range self defense gun. Buck 110 for defense buck 110 for self defense buck 110 lt for self defense buck 119 army buck 119 for fighting buck 119 for self defense carrying a buck 119 concealed over the counter aerosols for personal defense over the counter weapons.

The 110 folding hunter buck s signature knife originally debuted in 1962 making it a good year for knife safety. It s damn strong too able to carry out heavy routine tasks without succumbing to much wear and tear. 420hc clip point blade.

Buck 110 Folding Hunter Review Bladereviews Com

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Buck 110 Folding Hunter Review Bladereviews Com

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Buck 110 Folding Hunter Review Bladereviews Com

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