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16 fun facts about komodo national park you probably don t know 1. Komodo island is believed to have been formed approximately 1 million years ago.

Komodo Island Facts For Kids

Up to 5 965 komodo dragons can be found in komodo national park which covers three major islands namely komodo.

Komodo island facts. One of these islands is komodo island made famous because of one of its inhabitants the komodo dragon. The trip to sumbawa island is done by boat through small islands such as girilawa lulu flag and gilibanta which takes one day of voyage. Komodo island facts for kids komodo island is part of the lesser sunda island chain in the province of east nusa tenggara.

In 1980 the komodo national park was created it is made up of 3 main islands komodo. Komodo island is one of the 17 508 islands that compose the republic of indonesia. Komodo dragons have thrived in the harsh climate of indonesia s lesser sunda islands for millions of years.

To the west of flores island is the rare island of komodo island alongside the island of rinca in the east is located in the sape strait between sumbawa island and flores island. 1400 people on the island a small fishing village also named komodo. Komodo island facts the republic of indonesia is made up of 17 508 islands.

Komodo island indonesia 1 komodo island is a part of the republic of indonesia which is made up of more than 17 500 islands. In addition to tourists the park is also a popular destination for scientists and naturalists who want to study. There is only one human settlement of ca.

It has trees such as jackfruit coconut and mango. 3 the island of. The island is particularly notable as the habitat of the komodo dragon the largest lizard on earth which is named after the island.

The island is significant becouse it is the habitat of the komodo dragon the largest lizard on earth. Pulau komodo is one of the 17 508 islands that comprise the republic of indonesia. Where is komodo national park.

Komodo is a hilly and grassy island of 280 square km located between the islands of sumbawa and flores. 2 komodo island is home to the world s largest lizard the komodo monitor or komodo dragon the largest komodo dragon. Komodo national park situated in the heart of the indonesian archipelago is composed of three large islands komodo rinca and padar and numerous smaller ones all of volcanic origin.

Perhaps the most dramatic of all indonesian landscapes the park features rough hillsides of dry savannah green thorny vegetation perfect sandy. It has a surface area of 150 square miles 390 km2 and a population of around 2 000. They prefer the islands tropical forests but can be found across the islands.

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