South African Butterflies

It is the only pollinator of many of our wild flowers including the red disa disa uniflora. It is a large and attractive butterfly widespread throughout south africa s mountains and endemic to sa and zimbabwe.

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South african butterflies. They are also sometimes called the pioneer pioneer white or caper white. They re followed by many dragonflies and insect eating birds. Over 4000 species occur in the afrotropical region an area which encompasses sub saharan africa arabia and madagascar.

Navigate with above index or scroll bar. Location of south africa this is a list of butterflies of south africa. He made the decision to go to africa after seeing born free finally made it.

Click on the links above to access thumbnail galleries full size images and detailed articles about the lifecycle habitats and biology of each species. They re also referred to as pioneer white or african caper white butterflies. According to wildlife south africa the numbers depend each year on the climatic conditions.

Over 660 species are known from south africa a large proportion of which are endemic. If uncertain skip character or select several states. The brown veined white also called pioneer white or african caper white belenois aurota is of the family pieridae with a wingspan of 45 millimetres is known as south africa s most common butterfly and occurs in most areas in south africa.

An exclusive butterfly safari led by steve woodhall the leading expert on south african butterflies the author of numerous associated books and field guides. Check boxes for all that apply. Butterflies of the world 2000 species illustrated.

The table mountain beauty aeropetes tulbaghia has been nominated by lepsoc to become south africa s national butterfly. The brown veined white butterfly is apparently sa s most common butterfly and comes from the family pieridae. These butterflies are also known as south africa s most common butterfly and occur in most areas.

Anatomy biology lifecycle taxonomy ecology evolution survival strategies migration habitats butterfly. Steve woodhall started butterfly moth collecting in uk at the age of 5. Then click on any search button.

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