Cities Skylines Not Enough Electricity

I don t play everyday. I thought i m doing it in wrong way so i read some guides and tutorial for beginner and they all can make it through milestone 1 with just 2 wind turbine.

Steam Workshop Canadian Transmission Tower Collection

Cities skylines offers plenty of diversity in terms of construction cost and upkeep.

Cities skylines not enough electricity. No bug i had a power source that was separate from the rest that wasn t connected fully after building a road. Why my electricity always not enough. Is there a mod for this.

I have started a semi long one way street the first in my city and it goes from about midway of my map a map of stockholm i downloaded to the end of the map. The power plant stops working after running out of fuel to run off. This cannot be stressed enough.

I bought cities skylines on jan 31 2016. It s better to relocate the power plant to somewhere easily accessed from the highway or the local resources if you have that industry in your city. That way even though the info panel says you have enough the main grid may be under powered.

Certainly not very long. I get a lot of buildings saying not enough electricity despite production being higher than consumption and they are all connected to the grid. It seems like everytime i bluid a power plant that s not wind the power plant stops working after running out of fuel to run off.

Power is an essential requirement for nearly every building in your city. What s happened here most likely is that he has multiple sources of electricity and one or more of them are not connected to the main grid. At the same time the oil power plant is relatively cheap to construct but has insane upkeep.

My city is crashing people are moving out. I have plenty of electricity i have plenty of electricity lines yet some building don t have enough electricity. Wind turbines are cheap to construct and have extremely little upkeep.

Citizens and businesses in your zoned areas will only tolerate being without power for a short time before they move out. Most public buildings will not be able to operate without a supply of electricity. It works and solved all of my trash issues.

Showing 1 15 of 18 comments. This happens to me very often. It ruined one of my cities.

I ve just bought this game few days ago and when i tried it it always said that my electricity not enough to supply the residential zone. It doesn t matter how far away the electricity is produced as long as there s enough. Is there a mod for this.

Since then i ve played 2056 hours of this game which is 1 5 hours day for 4 years 3 months 10 days. However power only seems to reach halfway through this street of houses about 1 3rd into the street the houses are without power even though they are connected via zoning and via a powerline which i drew.

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