How Do Archaeologists Investigate The Past

Many specialize in a particular area culture history. Since archaeologists study dinosaurs or anything at that era they look for places where there were most dinosaur bones are.

1 Methods Of Investigating The Historical Past 11 Ancient History

Simply archaeology is the study of people in the past their activities and actions cultural practices tools and technological development and in some cases where possible their superstitious and religious practices expression of their cultural identity and other beliefs about themselves or the world around them 1.

How do archaeologists investigate the past. A range of scientists other than archaeologists and historians. The archaeologists also has to know the culture and history of an area so he can know where to look and the age or significance of artifacts. It is much easier for historians to study events that have been written about.

Information gathered by someone who did not take part in or witness an event. The study of past events. Biologists doctors physicists geographers geologists chemists anthropologists numismatists.

Each conducting detailed investigation of material found through the archaeological excavation of sites. An expert who studies and records the past. A document or physical object which was written or created during the time under study.

Historians use three basic sources for the understanding of the past. First is the primary source or first hand. They clean the bones and bring it to a certain place.

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