Katadyn Mini Vs Hiker Pro

Recommended reading sawyer mini vs lifestraw. In the future due to its light weight and compact size i will use the sawyer mini for backpacking.

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Katadyn mini vs hiker pro. However it is a completely different type of filter. However generally the hiker pro has more improved features than the katadyn. So i just bought the sawyer mini filter but haven t used it yet.

The katadyn hiker pro microfilter is a popular portable water filter for bacteria treatment and removal but this review reveals why you shouldn t buy one. The katadyn hiker pro we tested is technically called the katadyn hiker pro clear microfilter which is the newest edition. Katadyn also sells the hiker microfilter not the pro.

We both agreed we liked the katadyn hiker pro a little better. It filters out both bacteria and protozoans like giardia and cryptosporidium making it an ideal backcountry filter for north america. However it is a bit on the heavy side.

The katadyn hiker doesn t have the clear filter protector but it can still filter 0 2 microns of bacteria out of the water. The katadyn hiker water filter is a pump based filter that is capable of removing protozoa particulates and even bacterias as small as 0 2 microns. Because the vario can produce clean water at quite a high speed we think this pump could be a decent choice for a group traveling in the backcountry.

After spending time using and looking at the katadyn hiker pro i have to say that it just doesn t appeal to me anymore. We used his on a few days of a hunt and used my katadym hiker pro for the other few days. The vario can treat up to 2000 liters in its lifespan which is quite a high volume compared to other pumps we ve tested where both the katadyn hiker pro and the msr sweetwater last up to 750 liters.

Choose the sawyer mini for backpacking solo. The differences are the quick connect fittings which the pro has and the regular version does not. This allows for better connection to hydration bladders.

The ultra long tube and smaller intake can get into nooks and crannies that other hand pumps can t get into accessing all sorts of water source sizes from small to large. I have the katadyn pocket filter and it produces some of the best tasting water i have ever consumed. My buddy has a msr mini works or whatever it is called that screws to the top of a nalgene.

Seemed to have a faster flow rate and was easier to use the pump handle than the msr one. Let s have a look at the details. It also removes cryptosporidium salmonella and giardia which are very common in natural water resources.

Go with the pro for disaster prep or backpacking in groups. Based on the table hiker pro has very little difference to its predecessor. The katadyn pocket amazon link works a lot like the survivor filter pro.

The katadyn hiker pro is a classic and reliable hand pump. It is equipped with an activated carbon to help remove toxins and other chemicals in the water too.

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