Types Of Sharks In Australia

Sharks of the australian coast grey reef shark. Zebra sharks live along the.


The most shark infested waters in australia eyre peninsula.

Types of sharks in australia. References for this guide. Müller henle 1838. Ogilby 1915 australian sharpnose shark rhizoprionodon terraenovae j.

It is easily confused with other large requiem sharks including members of the same genus such as the blacktip shark c. Then head to australia s westernmost point. Want to swim with sharks minus the cage for protection.

4 sharks of the world. Limbatus and the spinner shark c. Richardson 1836 atlantic sharpnose shark genus scoliodon j.

An annotated and illustrated catalogue of sharks known. The grey reef shark is found along the northern coast of australia and also hunts along the great. Next morning a 3 m 10 shark was caught that had andrews leg in its gut natal daily news 12 19 1961.

The coral sea off the coast of queensland is particular hotspot of shark diversity in australia with more than 50 species. While more than 400 species of sharks are found worldwide today about 170 of them inhabit australian seas from the world s largest the whale shark to one of the smallest the pygmy shark and of course the equally fascinating and fearsome great white. This one is also known by many other common names including narrowtooth shark bronze shark cocktail shark bronze whaler and new zealand whaler.

Many shark and ray species are caught by commercial fishing operations in new south wales nsw waters and refined catch information is vital for the successful management of these species. Shark links a selection of the many available on the web australian shark attack file chondrichthyan society csiro shark research page international plan of action for the conservation and management of sharks international shark attack file isaf mote marine laboratory centre for shark. The white shark whale shark northern river shark grey nurse shark and all sawfish which are related to sharks are also listed as protected species and can t be kept by commercial or recreational fishers.

Sydney morning herald 12 20 1961. Wobbegong sharks live off the western coast of australia and are a truly unusual looking. Port lincoln a 50 minute flight or seven hour drive from adelaide on south australia s rugged eyre.

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