How To Make Penicillin

How to make penicillin at home. Make penicillin fungus in order to make penicillin at home you first need to grow the penicillin fungus.

How To Make Penicillin At Home Just In Case Shtf Natural Medicine Herbalism Survival Prepping

Take the bread clumps fill up a large cup full of them and add warm water not boiling water.

How to make penicillin. Cut the bread into small inch pieces and put them in the flask. Prepare the solution to separate the penicillin substance from the fungus dissolve the following ingredients in the. While your flask is sterilizing put one teaspoon each of glucose citric acid yeast milk powder and sea salt into the graduated cylinder.

Pour the liquid from your cylinder into the sterilized flask. The greenish blue mold you grew contains penicillin. Even in shtf situations homemade penicillin probably isn t a good solution step 1.

Procedure to make penicillin first set out the fruit or rind and let it mold naturally for a few days until it turns a bright bluish green color. It is important to note that while you are growing the mold you are most likely growing other things. Put the flask in an oven for an hour at 315 degrees f to sterilize it.

Repeat as necessary essentially as daily doses of penicillin. Then fill the cylinder with water until you have approximately 100 milliliters of fluid inside the container. Mix together and consume.

Put piece of bread cantaloupe or citrus fruit in container in a dark place at. Into 500ml of cold tap water put 44 0 grams lactose monohydrate 25 0 grams cornstarch 3 0 grams sodium nitrate 0 25 grams magnesium sulfate 0 50 grams potassium phosphate mono 2 75 grams.

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