Make A Sling From A Scarf

To make a sling cut a piece of cloth such as a pillowcase about 40 inches square. Tie the ends of the bandage behind the neck.

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Place the injured arm or bent elbow over the triangle dangling down the chest.

Make a sling from a scarf. Tie both ends of the scarf in a double knot being sure to leave approximately an extra foot or two slack for the pouch. Then cut or fold the square diagonally to make a triangle. Rebozo baby sling with a scarf duration.

How to make a sling out of a scarf step 1. Put one end of the triangle at the shoulder of the uninjured arm. Tie the upper left.

How to make your reborn look realistic in a boba wrap. Slip one end of the bandage under the arm and over the shoulder. Place the square scarf or rectangular scarf folded into a square onto a flat surface.

Gather the scarf. Bring the other end of the bandage over the other shoulder cradling the arm. Let the triangle dangle down the chest.

Laci harrison 172 570 views. Hopefully you will never have to make your own sling for a real injury but if so using a scarf is a simple solution. The scarf should cross your rib cage and emerge below your right arm.

This video shows how to make a very comfortable and stylish shoulder sling using an infinity scarf or a regular scarf. Reach behind you and pull the long end across your back and around to your front. The knot should be positioned between your left shoulder and breast.

Place the knot over the head of the injured individual so that the scarf drapes down over her chest in a loop. Tie two diagonal corners of the scarf together in a secure knot. Pull the dangling portion of the triangle up to meet the end at the shoulder.

Fold a scarf or cloth into a triangle. For example if the square scarf or rectangular scarf folded into a square is laid out on the table in front of you tie the upper left corner and the lower right corner together in a secure knot.

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