Where Should You Store Potatoes

Your potatoes should be stored in a cool dark dry place such as a pantry or cupboard. Store raw potatoes in a cool place.

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Place in an open bowl or paper bag.

Where should you store potatoes. Use a storage container that is well ventilated such as a crate a cardboard box with holes punched in it or any container that will allow any excess moisture to evaporate. 5 if your climate is fairly cool or you just use a small amount potatoes for a week for example 5 pounds or less then you can simply store them in a basket placed in a dark area of the kitchen. Both onions and potatoes release moisture which can lead to faster spoiling.

If you have the space and can invest the time and typically a reasonable amount of money necessary to build a root cellar it will pay off enormously during a long term disaster. Store your potatoes in a cool. It s best to store them separately in an area that has good air flow is dry and somewhat cool.

Only perfect potatoes are. Good examples include basements cellars and out of the way kitchen cabinets. How to store your potatoes inspect all the potatoes for soft spots sprouts mold shovel damage and pest damage.

These things can cause greening and or rotting. Store healthy potatoes in a dark dry place. An unheated basement or garage is also a good choice.

Place the potatoes in a cardboard box paper bag mesh bag or basket to ensure good ventilation. Building a root cellar is the best way to store not only potatoes but a host of fresh from the garden crops and home canned food stuffs. When stored in a cool dark place warmer than the fridge but colder than room temperature whole uncooked potatoes can last up to two months.

You could use a wood bin with ventilation a net or paper bag in the absence of a basket. Keep away from light. The 45 f to 55 f temperature range is the sweet spot for potato storage where they can last for months.

What s the best way to store potatoes. Choose a dry room with a temperature of 35 to 40 f. Don t store tubers where temperatures are likely to freeze as they will crack open.

Once you ve separated the damaged potatoes from the undamaged ones put the latter in a spot that s not exposed to light or moisture. While potatoes are sensitive to ethylene gasses the reason to keep onions and potatoes apart has to do with moisture. Don t store raw potatoes in the fridge or freezer.

Storage temperature has a significant impact on how long potatoes will last. Undoubtedly the best way to store whole uncooked potatoes is outside of the fridge. Storing potatoes in the fridge will cause the starch to turn to sugar giving them a sweet flavor that you don t want from your potatoes.

Ideally a refrigerator works well but the crop may be too large to store in your fridge. Keep the container covered to block light and prevent your spuds from spouting. As a rule of thumb the best place to store potatoes is in a cool dry area of your kitchen with good ventilation and out of direct sunlight.

A kitchen cupboard or closet even the basement or garage can all the good choices.

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