Do You Need A License For A Turtle

For most species of turtles a class i license is all that is required. A scientific purposes license from the division of fish wildlife is required to collect reptiles and amphibians for scientific or educational purposes or to collect reptiles or amphibians on a dnr property except for game turtles and game frogs taken on a property where hunting or fishing is authorized.

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This varies slightly according to species and the pet shop will help you to obtain the license if necessary.

Do you need a license for a turtle. You do not need a license for most pet turtles in victoria. If your turtle becomes a. Any person wishing to keep reptiles snakes lizards or turtles are by law required to hold a recreational wildlife licence.

In order to process your renewal request and return your new permit to you before the current one expires we must receive your renewal form including all applicable reports by november 30. Enjoying the company of your turtle inside your house then a. License is not necessary.

If you need a permit for having more than 2 native species not on the zero possession list you will not get one the 2nd turtle would be considered illegal to possess. Otherwise you surely will be arrested. However if you plan on only.

Such as the unlicensed removal of reptiles from the wild. Current marine turtle permits expire december 31. This allows the government to keep track of the animals being sold by breeders and to regulate illegal practises.

A recreational turtle license a turtle seller s license or a turtle seller s apprentice license is required to use floating or submerged traps turtle hooks and other commercial fishing gear. You do not need a license for most pet turtles in victoria. To renew a marine turtle permit.

Share this post link to post. Except for renewals no turtle seller s licenses will. An angling license is required to harvest turtles.

This varies slightly according to species and the pet shop will help you to obtain the license if necessary. Expand collapse to renew a marine turtle permit. Before you buy a turtle from a society member anywhere in australia you will need to obtain a license.

If you plan to import appendix ii or appendix iii turtles a cites import permit is not required. Appendix ii and appendix iii turtles. You must follow the general cites permit requirements for import export as well as clearance and inspection procedures at the port of entry.

This classification is for the safest and most easily maintained reptiles.

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