Lake Macquarie Shark Sightings

Two big sharks made an unexpected appearance during a 1936 lake macquarie yacht club race newcastle morning herald and miners advocate 17 2 1936. In the mid 2000s a photo of a hammerhead shark in the lake was a bit of a shock.

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Shark bite was minor injury but he suffered a heart attack afterwards and died 6 hours later j.

Lake macquarie shark sightings. Nowadays it s all about the great whites. There s also bull sharks lurking about. Seal photographed riding a whale it was the buoy flashing under the lake macquarie surface that first got jeff adams attention.

Nevertheless the locals will tell you sharks have always been there. So a couple of weeks after it was spotted in the lake it might have been near melbourne or new zealand. In 1916 a deadly shark attack near presque ile beach in lake erie made national headlines forcing local authorities to ban swimming in the region for over 14 years until the ban was lifted in 1930.

West adelaide advertiser 9 7 1971 p. So sharks in the lake yes sharks interested in people no. Without clear photos to compare body markings it was impossible to say whether one shark was being sighted repeatedly or there was more than one.

It came in at the peak of squid season and looked like it absolutely gorged itself. These are just three of the stories uncovered from our research months that escaped newspaper reports of shark sightings were june july august and september. Mr bambach who has been fishing lake macquarie since he was a child said the water was the domain of sea creatures and humans needed to respect it.

Back in the day it was a rare thing to hear about shark sightings in lake macquarie. He said sharks had called the lake home for years. It was monday morning just three days after he saw his first great white shark in 35 years of sailing on the lake and mr adams was curious.

Great whites are migratory too moving over 500k per week. Dr bucher said white sharks did not normally live in estuaries but there had been a number of sightings of big white sharks in lake macquarie in recent years.

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