Italian Funeral Traditions

People who visit the deceased will often kiss them on their forehead or cheek. Italian funeral traditions and service traditional ritual practices in italy were based on folk beliefs.

Catholic Funeral Etiquette Iii The Mourning Period By Marian Horvat

Italian peasants believed if certain rituals weren t followed then the spirit of the deceased could return to haunt the living.

Italian funeral traditions. For the most part italian funeral traditions are consistent with catholicism as it is the major religion of italy. Finally the story you may or may not have been waiting for the funeral traditions of my italian home town a shout out on this topic to art adair of somerville s new cemetery jimmy cusick of cusick s funeral home and mayann carroll former ace lobbyist for the funeral director s association. For the most part italian funeral program traditions are consistent with the catholicism as it is the major religion of italy.

At traditional italian funerals wealthy families would hire professional mourners to wail at their loved one s gravesite but not so much today. Family or friends are chosen as pallbearers and family may or may not choose to say a few words about the deceased. Hispanic culture of death and dying.

Sometimes a poster is prepared of the deceased. Flowers are also an essential element to italian funerals. The deceased may have been buried with objects that they used like cigarettes or coins.

After the mourners gather at the grave site they attend a reception held at the family s home while guests bring food both to comfort the grieving family and feed the numerous guests. A funeral mass with last rites and a liturgy is held with an open casket so mourners can kiss the forehead of the departed. Family may also come up to read the bible or talk about the deceased.

Italian funerals are traditionally open for everyone in the village or town to attend. In keeping with catholic traditions the funeral includes rituals such as the last rites prayer vigil funeral liturgy and catholic mass. Touching the hand of the deceased is also a sign of respect.

Most italians follow the catholic tradition of having an open casket prior to the funeral. Rituals involved with the funeral include the last rites prayer vigil liturgy and funeral mass. Italian funerals are traditionally open for everyone in the village or town to attend.

Family and friends can say a few more words about the deceased and throw some dirt on top of the casket. Sometimes a poster is prepared of the deceased. Since many italians subscribe to catholicism an italian funeral service generally follows the traditions of a catholic funeral.

The traditions of italian funerals will look familiar to many europeans and americans due to the influence of catholicism. Burials were customary for italian funerals and still are popular especially among older generations but some people may lean toward cremation depending on their personal beliefs. With the open casket as a typical tradition mourners often kiss the loved one s cheek or forehead and even foster this kissing ritual in their children as a sign of respect.

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