Can You Store Bottled Water In The Garage

But the international bottled water association has said this study misrepresents facts. But cheryl watson a professor in the biochemistry and molecular biology department at the university of texas medical branch in galveston advised people not to store bottled water in places that.

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In some cases items that are stored in a garage can pose a danger to your health and safety.

Can you store bottled water in the garage. Bottled water should be stored in a cool dry place away from solvents many people store bottled water in their garage near turpentine or gasoline and those vapors can affect bottled water. Yes the garage is an excellent place to store bottled water as garages are usually cooler than the rest of the house. Let s examine some of the items that are never recommended to be stored in a garage no matter how convenient.

The ibwa says bpa is not a chemical component of the pet plastic used to produce single use water bottles and that the consensus among these international regulatory agencies is that the current levels of exposure to bpa. Grabbing a bottle of water as you head out of the door is something many of us do. Sometimes you never drink it and it could end up just being left in the car.

You should first try to store as much water as you can indoors then work to add some water storage to your garage or outdoors. The other risk is chemical contamination either from certain types of plastic containers or from chemical vapors that pass through the walls of the water containers. Also no matter how well you stored your water unless it is bottled water within the given expiration date that has been stored in air conditioning we recommend filtering any and all water you drink in a shtf situation just to be safe.

In addition to this storing your water bottles in your garage also protects the bottles from the sun s harmful uv rays which could speed up the deterioration of the plastic bottle. Putting them in the garage is an invitation to ruin and can leave you with a mess of faded and stuck together photos. While they were absolutely delighted with their slushy cokes we don t want anything to explode so we started moving our beverages into the kitchen.

Protect your cherished memories don t store them in the garage. Although water does not go bad in the same way that food does it can breed harmful bacteria if you do not purify it or store it in safe conditions. Even though i keep all of the beverages along an interior garage wall that backs up to our kitchen it s cold enough to freeze what s in there.

Even so the lead author of this study lena ma warned against leaving bottled water in your garage for weeks as well as in your car for a day or longer for safety reasons.

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