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An american breeder set out to create a miniature tiger crossing tabbies that most resembled these big cats with some bengal domestic cat blood mixed in. They are a cross between a domestic cat and a large eared wild african cat called a serval.

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If you ve ever dreamed of having a tiger panther or leopard without you know the dangers of living with wild animals you re in luck.

Cat that looks like tiger. Toyger is the breed that looks like tigers and has a calm and kind nature. Toyger is very beautiful cats that look like tigers toyger is the breed that looks like leopard. The toyger features a black and orange coat but other than its markings is pretty much the same as any other house cat in personality and size.

There are plenty of domestic cat breeds that look just like their big cat cousins. According to vetstreet the toyger is a cross between a bengal cat and a striped domestic shorthair resulting in a medium sized cat with tiger like branching stripes and orange and black or brown. Savannas are one of the large cats that look like tigers averaging between 15 and 20 pounds.

From the striking bengal to the unusual savannah meet 8 cat breeds that aren t as wild as they look. Judy mixed a mackerel tabby and a bengal cat to create a breed that has tiger like colors and markings and an affectionate and laid back personality. This time the crossing was between a bengal and a stray cat found in india.

The breed is popularly known as a tiger cat. The toyger requires ample time outdoors and can be leash trained. They look very wild with their orange color with large black stripes and spots.

Not only is it a cat breed which looks like a tiger but this was the express purpose of breeding them in the first place. Toyger domestic cats have been bred to resemble wild tigers but they are a friendly dog like pet for those that can afford this rare breed. Like the bengal cat the toyger is a result of crossings made by humans.

Click thumbnail to view full size. Its ancestors consist primarily of tabby cats.

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