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Wooden playpen style rat cages are also commonly available for sale and make excellent play spaces. The cages are well ventilated and also have a lot of provisions for hanging toys and other equipment off the walls.

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Most rat owners do not understand the importance of providing the appropriate shelter for their pets.

Rat cage australia. Other cages on amazon were in the hundreds. They need excellent air ventilation so should not be kept in enclosures with completely solid walls and never in a glass aquarium. The other one doesn t even fit in my car.

Exciting rat enclosures for your furry friend. Could you please tell me if the bars of your rat cages are powder coated plastic covered or painted. Shop for pet rat cages for sale online.

Medium size rat cage now available brand new never used cage s are easily assembled trolleys available flatpacked too for extra if you need one medium and large sizes available with 2 platform sets to make 3 levels 85 medium cage 60cm wide x 40cm deep x 60cm high trolley 50 or cage trolley set 125 100 large cage 76cm wide x. This one was much more reasonable at 50. Rats are kept in cages similar to a very large bird cage.

We have massive range of cheap pet rat cages for sale at rabbit guinea pig hamster supplies. Yes most of products can be picked up instore or ordered online for home delivery. This is an awesome three level cage that comes apart for easy cleaning weight 37 kgassembled dimensions l100cm x w100cm x h127cmmulti levels 3 all.

Owners across australia keep their rat cages in outdoor sheds and a thick sturdy wooden hutch may be provide better draught protection than metal alone. Can your rat cages be picked up in store or are they only delivered by freight. Rats love this kind as they can scamper up walls.

This one can fit in the backseat or be broken down easily. What is more this unit has a generous supply of free items including a non drip water bottle and a tip proof food dish among others. I needed a medium sized one for traveling so i could leave her at a friend s house when i m out of town.

Buying safe and suitable rat enclosures for your pet rats is among the essential decisions you will make for the improvement of their health it may be the largest expense when you are just starting out with the little creatures. According to the manufacturer all their cages are powder coated. Wire cages are the second type of pet rat cage that is available in the market.

Rats love this kind as they can scamper up walls. The cage s best feature is its deep pp plastic base which provides a retreat for your pet rat all the while keeping shavings and litter in the base so your desk or floor remains clean and tidy. My rat has a massive 3 cage called a rat manor.

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