Difference Between Ham Radio And Walkie Talkie

Ham radio and amateur radio are the same thing. Walkie talkies cb radios and ham radios are a fun and useful way to communicate with your group of friends and family.

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Therefore the main difference between the two is how.

Difference between ham radio and walkie talkie. Onsite walkie talkies generally broadcast at 900 mhz. If a walkie talkie works at a distance of up to two miles a cb radio is able to work at a distance of up to 20 miles. Ham radio people do use walkie talkies but police fireman construction companies taxi cabs forest.

On the other hand not all two way radios are walkie talkies. By timothy dahl dec 10 2018. A walkie talkie is a two way radio.

Walkie talkies have single channel two way radio with a short signal usually sold in pairs a transceiver is a multi channel two way radio with a further signal aka chand bs ha ha and ham radio i want to learn some day. There is a lot that goes into learning two way radios. Walkie talkies are often mentioned when discussing children s toys.

Radio you can easily choose between these two types of communication devices and find a model that will work for you and your family and friends. For example a vehicle or desk mounted mobile radio can t be a walkie talkie because it isn t handheld. Radio shack suggested that the fcc define frequencies between 462 and 467 mhz for recreational walkie talkie use which they have operated on ever since.

A walkie talkie is a 2 way radio but not all 2 way radios are walkie talkies think squares and rectangles. This is a significant difference in the range of the two devices. However this does not necessarily mean that a cb radio is better than a walkie talkie.

That s why when you use an frs two way radio you don t have to worry about picking up your favorite classic rock station or cordless telephone conversations. A handheld portable two way radio. Cb radios are capable of operating at a longer distance.

According to these definitions all walkie talkies are two way radios. If you are going to get your ham license you ll have to learn all this plus operating practices fcc rules and much more. If either end of the 2 way radio has a base then it isn t a walkie talkie.

Now that you know the differences between walkie talkies vs. Two way radios on the other hand are the marketing verbiage reserved for radio sales to public and private agencies. Remember all walkie talkies are considered two way radios but not all two way radios can work like a walkie talkie.

This is because some 2 way radios are stationary. A major difference with the walkie talkie vs two way radio comparison is marketing.

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