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Deer are the mammals that are categorized under the family cervidae. Is that stag is an adult male deer while buck is a male deer antelope sheep goat rabbit hare and sometimes the male of other animals such as the ferret and shad or buck can be scotland the beech tree or buck can be lye or suds in which cloth is soaked in the operation of bleaching or in which clothes are washed.

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For most deer the male is called a buck according to the size of the species.

Stag vs buck. The two main groups are the cervinae including the muntjac the elk wapiti the fallow deer and the chital and the capreolinae including the reindeer caribou the roe deer and the moose. Technically i suspect the terms are interchangeable but usually a mature red deer male is referred to as a stag and the males of the smaller breeds are known as bucks. In truth a buck is a male deer of any age.

A stag is a male deer of proven reproductive success that has many mates. Deer are a member of the cervidae family which includes elk moose reindeer white tailed deer black tailed deer and red deer. These terms vary with dialect.

Big bucks whitetail deer locked together and separated. For many medium sized deer the male is a stag. This deer family has three sub families including 23 genera with 47 species.

Steve beltran 698 800 views. Stag vs buck the difference between stag and buck has its base in the maturity of the male deer. Largest bull meets his match during the elk rut duration.

This word is used to describe a male deer especially an adult male red deer. Stag deer singular and plural are the ruminant mammals forming the family cervidae. In the various deer species buck and stag are used indescriminately and interchangeably.

There is no exact difference between a hart and a stag because a hart is the other name that is used instead of a stag or rather they are synonyms. Buck and stag refer to the same animal with the only difference being the size of the animal. Its kind of like the whole alpha male and beta male thing in wolves.

All male deer are referred to as bucks but a large male deer is sometimes referred to as a stag.

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