Can You Eat Acorns From Live Oak Trees

If an acorn rattles when you pick it up the seed will not grow. Southern live oak acorns can be eaten as a nut similar to chestnuts or made into flour or oil.

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Savvy hunters know deer may key on acorns.

Can you eat acorns from live oak trees. A tree must be at least 70 years old before it produces thousands of acorns in the fall. Aside from cutting down the offending oak tree there are no absolute ways to stop an oak tree from producing acorns. Here s how to go about it.

An advantage of hunting over acorns is they fall where deer live. Unprocessed natural nuts of various kinds of oaks. Quality nutmeat will be yellowish in colour.

Which concealed carry cartridge is the best. Oak trees do not begin producing acorns until they are at least 20 years old and sometimes wait until they are at least 50. The ultimate deer hunting property.

Yes they are but eating acorns is a hotly debated topic. Shelling acorns can be challenging and may require a hammer or meat tenderizer. The 7 biggest myths of hunting early season deer.

Anytime someone suggests acorns are a viable food source someone else is claiming they re poisonous. And if you ve ever taken a bite of one you might be inclined to believe them. Lower in preference due to high tannic acid levels.

No you cannot eat green acorns. The forager s dilemma is in a word starch. Typically produces a crop every year.

If you would like to propagate live oaks in your yard gather acorns only after they fall from the tree. In fact raw acorns taste terrible. Leaving southern live oak acorns to dry before shelling will also make it easier to remove the inner meat.

Starch carbohydrates is the toughest thing to forage for and is a primary reason why humans settled down 10 000 years ago to grow grain. Green acorns are unripe and are unsuitable for eating but mature green acorns can ripen in a clean dry place. Mature bucks may feed in timber at any time of day especially if security cover is close.

However you can gather green acorns and put them in a dry place. Acorns are generally safe to eat acorns have gained a bad reputation because they contain tannins a group of bitter plant compounds that may be harmful when consumed in high amounts. Acorns are a handy survival food and can be used for medicinal purposes.

Eventually they will ripen and turn brown. If you haven t read my other acorn posts acorns and the forager s dilemma is an introduction to the use of acorns. Yes you can eat acorns.

Avoid any acorns that appear mildewed dusty blackened etc. 5 ways to eat acorns for survival. Look for and only use brown acorns as these are ripe.

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