Can You Make Your Own Penicillin

With the relatively low cost and the wide availability of penicillin in the healthcare marketplace today this may not be practical. 1 2 tbsp ground chili peppers.

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If you want to learn how to make diy penicillin here s what you need to know.

Can you make your own penicillin. 2 tbsp ginger powder. We want to stress that making any home brewed medicine can be potentially dangerous. In fact if you have a moldy piece of bread or rotting orange in the fridge you re probably growing penicillin already.

It s not something you should undertake unless you or a loved one is in a truly life threatening survival situation and there are no other options. Even in shtf situations homemade penicillin probably isn t a good solution. 3 3 oz fresh lemon juice.

How to make your own homemade penicillin penicillin is a hot topic among medically minded preppers because it s easy to grow accidentally. This activates it s most powerful compound allicin. Making penicillin at home accumulating medications may be simple when it comes to finding aspirin and other non prescription drugs but prescription drugs will be hard to get for those who can t write their own prescriptions or don t have a relationship with an understanding physician who can.

Remove the jar from the water carefully and lightly cover the jar. F until a bluish green mold develops. Place the jar uncovered into a pan of boiling water and let it stand for 10 15 minutes.

Add crushed garlic ginger powder chili powder and cinnamon to the lemon juice. The most important thing to remember is to always use sterile techniques or you will likely wind up with growing something else. Because penicillin is just mold bread and was discovered by accident it might seem pretty easy to make penicillin.

Antibiotics are a case in point. Crush garlic and set aside for 10 15 minutes. Since penicillin is available almost everywhere and it is not expensive making this remedy may not be useful.

How to make your own penicillin the strains that we have are from the mold grown on a cantaloupe in the 1940s so you can grab some cantaloupe if you re feeling like a traditionalist. Once the jar has cooled tighten the lid and place the jar in a sunny spot. Yes it is but it is really hard to make penicillin safely.

It s important to note that making your own penicillin is possible but not easy. So if you have free time and you have the resources you will be able to create effective penicillin from the substances we ve mentioned. Expose a slice of bread to the air in a dark place and normal high humidity at 70 deg.

Of course there are many more sophisticated procedures that can help people make penicillin. In order to make penicillin at home you first need to grow the penicillin fungus. You can add about 1 cup of chopped oregano leaves to a glass jar and add enough olive oil to cover the leaves.

Perhaps if you have more time more resources available at hand you can indeed create potentially pharmaceutical grade penicillin using the same basic process i mentioned above.

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