Is Collecting Rainwater Illegal In Texas

You can legally collect rainwater in texas and may receive tax incentives for doing so. Rainwater harvesting in texas is regulated by the water development board.

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T the best part is that rainwater is free.

Is collecting rainwater illegal in texas. The topic of illegal rainwater collection first went viral in 2012 when 64 year old gary harrington made the news after being sentenced to 30 days in jail for illegally collecting 13 million gallons of rainwater on his property. T texas promotes rainwater harvesting and has implemented laws to protect the rights of those who elect to do so. While rainwater collecting is federally legal it is worth observing the state regulations if any for limitations and methods of collecting.

According to the national conference of west legislatures texas and ohio are among the states who are paying close attention to the issue of whether it s illegal to collect rainwater and the rights to water. The texas water development board twdb is required to ensure that training on rainwater harvesting is available for the members of the permitting staffs of municipalities and counties at least quarterly. Texas and ohio have devoted considerable attention to this issue and have enacted several laws regulating rainwater harvesting.

We will do our best to keep this list updated. Harvesting rainwater not only reduces demand on traditional water supplies but it can provide water in areas without access to a conventional water supply system. The legality of collecting rainwater in texas depends on the county you live in.

For example collected rainwater may be used for non potable purposes e g watering indoor or outdoor plants but may be restricted for potable purposes e g drinking water. See list below for some examples. Texas property code prevents a homeowner s association from prohibiting the use of rainwater harvesting systems texas property code 202 007.

Texas has several laws supporting rainwater harvesting. The information gathered for this article was taken from state websites and legislative documents and was current at the time of publication. The state also requires certain new state facilities to incorporate rainwater harvesting systems in their design texas.

House bill 991 passed in 2011 mainly deals with solar energy rights. School districts are strongly encouraged to implement rainwater harvesting systems. But it also requires homeowners associations to specify if rain collection is allowed and if so to spell out the location design and architectural requirements of those systems.

Texas has many laws in place for regulating the practice of harvesting rainwater. Rainwater harvesting is legal though two specific statutes apply.

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