Long Term Storage Of White Flour

If you have an excess amount of mason jars you can store flour and grains in mason jars. If you decide to use this method for long term storage start from now to see if you can make viable oxygen absorbents from iron filings scavenged from steel wool and then see how long the flour will last when compared to other storage methods.

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Refined white flour may be stored for up to 12 months in its original packaging.

Long term storage of white flour. After that both will start to go rancid. White flour may last longest due to its lower fat content while whole wheat and gluten free varieties spoil. Put flour in an airtight vapor proof container to prevent the absorption of odors.

That aside sugar and white rice along with several other great foods discussed here have a shelf life of literally forever as far as anyone knows but flour and brown rice are only good for about 15 months. Store in a cool dry dark location off the floor and away from materials with strong odors like soap chemicals or onions. Supermarket packaging does not exclude air which causes deterioration in grain products.

Expect whole wheat and other whole grain flours to remain fresh and usable for no longer than approximately eight months in their original bags or boxes. Keep your flour at its best long term by storing it in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer. Flour will keep for about 6 to 8 months when stored this way.

1 when you buy large sacks or bags of flour the bags are great for selling in a grocery store but for long term storage in your house not so good. The bottom line flour has a long shelf life but generally goes bad after 3 8 months. Just add a packet to your flour bucket store in a cool dry place.

If you normally don t do a lot of baking or if you have access to a large chest freezer this is a great way to go. If you have room in your freezer it can be the best place to store flour since it will prevent any rancidity and a mere four days in the freezer will also kill any possible pests. Pitch the paper sack the original paper sacks that many brands use to package flour may seem durable enough for storage but they re not the best vessel for keeping flour fresh especially after you ve opened it.

It unfortunately is too suseptible to bugs getting into it or getting damp. Label the container with the ingredients and the date purchased.

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