Meerkats As Pets

Yes you can technically own a meerkat as a pet. This article provides more information about these wild animals.

Forget The Meerkat Compare The Small Pets

As long as they are still young meerkats are friendly creatures but once they reach about 6 months of age they can change completely into the pit bulls of the mongoose world.

Meerkats as pets. Meerkats are a type of animal species of the mammal class that belong to the mongoose family residing in the kalahari desert. Meerkats are wild animals and keeping them as pets is a bad idea not to mention without the lack of proper permits illegal. While it s currently legal to own a meerkat as a pet it s also a legal requirement under the animal welfare act that owners meet all of the needs of the animal in a way that allows for natural behaviours.

This girl has developed a close bond with this cute little critter. Meerkats should be left to enjoy their lives in the wild or if they must be kept in captivity it should only be at specialised centres such as zoos. What s it like to have a meerkat as a pet like the friendship timon and pumbaa had in the lion king.

The pet meerkat now of an age to defend its group and being human imprinted perceives visitors as intruders. If you want pets that are different choose. Actually most species that are available and survive in captivity can be privately owned.

Depending on one s definition of a pet however some animals simply make horrendous pets and meerkats are an example that fit this bill.

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