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The cat was just named the world s oldest feline. Their early history is unknown but many people agree that she came from persia and turkey.

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Creme puff was born in 1967 and is until now the oldest cat ever registered in the guinness world record.

Oldest cat in australia. If we can say that australian art is the oldest continuous record anywhere on earth that is extraordinary. Before creme puff took the title in 2010 granpa rexs allen was the oldest cat according to guinness world records he received the honor in 1998. Aging in cats depends on breed size and diet.

Granpa rex allen was born in 1964 and is one of the oldest cats in the. She was the oldest cat ever recorded according to the 2010 edition of guinness world records 1 2 3 when she died aged 38 years and 3 days. Granpa s owner is well known for raising long lived cats and in an interview perry said that he loves his cats so much that he remembers all of their birthdays.

Some of the ages reported here are approximate. Pietro della valle an italian explorer was the one who introduced persian to europe in the early 17th century and after two centuries this particular breed had established herself as one of the most popular cat breeds in europe. At 26 years old teddy is australia s oldest living cat and his owner fran english is applying to the guinness book of world records to make it official.

Now a new upstart in werribee australia could be the next feline to hold the title. This is a list of the oldest cats in the world listed by reported age all of whom have attained the minimum age of 25 years. The average cat lives just a dozen or so years and poppy a tortoiseshell cat in england is twice that old.

Creme puff august 3 1967 august 6 2005 was a domestic cat owned by jake perry of austin texas. However the results obtained in australia could radically change this perception altering everything we know about history again. Speaking to the sydney morning herald professor gleadow said.

The persian cat is the oldest cat breed in the world today.

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