What Is A Sustainable City

Sustainable cities are cities that are actively working toward sustainability. This economic growth is accelerating rural to urban migration.

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Asia s cities will become home to another 1 1 billion people in the next two decades as the poor continue to be drawn to better opportunities.

What is a sustainable city. Cities generate over 80 per cent of gross domestic product in many countries in asia and the pacific and are engines of economic growth that have lifted millions from poverty. Sustainable cities also referred to as an eco cities work towards creating environmentally economically and socially resilient surroundings for their citizens without compromising the needs of the future generation to thrive in the same environment. Major factors of sustainable cities are but not limited to water air pollution energy and waste.

A sustainable city or eco city is a city designed with consideration of environmental impact inhabited by people dedicated to minimization of required inputs of energy water and food and waste output of heat air pollution co2 methane and water pollution. What makes a city sustainable. Sustainable cities urban sustainability or eco city also ecocity is a city designed with consideration for social economic environmental impact commonly referred to as the triple bottom line and resilient habitat for existing populations without compromising the ability of future generations to experience the same.

The sustainable cities charter calls for a commitment to urban management sustainable local economies responsible consumption and demands legal action for violations upon health social equity and justice. A sustainable city is a city which has been designed with environmental concerns in mind. There may be only one sustainable development goal on cities but urban areas are touched in one way or another by all the goals and many are at the forefront of.

A large percentage of the human population around the world lives in cities and urban areas underscoring the need for sustainable practices in these environments.

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