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Skeletal muscular system hammerhead shark. It is a bit alarming but sharks do not have bones.

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Cartilage is lighter than bone.

Hammerhead shark skeleton. The skeleton of a shark is entirely composed up of cartilage. This is important because unlike other fish the shark has no swim bladder to prevent it from sinking to the bottom of the ocean. The post office in uruguay has started to work normally worldwide since last monday.

Sphyrna zygaena 55 to 60 cm average size available cleaned jaw skull skeleton. This type of skeleton means that the shark is lighter as cartilage is about half the density of bone. Originally modeled in 3ds max.

It can grow up to 20 feet in length and weigh up to 1 000 pounds although smaller sizes are more common. Hammerhead sharks or sphyrnids are perhaps the most distinctive and unique of all sharks. Cartilage instead of bones.

The skeleton of the sharks is mainly cartilaginous tissue that is it is made up of cartilage. A powerful sense of smell. Nice specimen for specialized collector or study.

High detailed 3d model of hammerhead shark skeleton. The great hammerhead is the largest of the nine identified species of this shark. This helps the shark stay afloat.

Thanks to this condition they stay buoyant and can float. The fact that sharks have cartilage instead of bone is extremely beneficial. Eyes and tongue present.

We sell animal skeletons skulls bones replicas teeth claws fossils dinosaurs and even human or primate skull replicas and skeletons for sale online that are of museum quality replicas that are perfect for educators veterinarians paleontologists science teachers and gifts for anyone who loves to collect skulls and bones. Final images rendered with v ray. 2 versions for 3ds max included.

Hammerhead shark family sphyrnidae any of 10 shark species belonging to the genera sphyrna 9 species and eusphyrna 1 species which are characterized by a flattened hammer or shovel shaped head or cephalofoil. The small scalloped bonnethead s. Originally modeled in 3ds max.

Highly detailed 3d model of hammerhead shark skeleton. These cartilaginous fishes vary in size. V ray and standard materials.

Whole hammerhead shark skeleton.

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