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Hangs out in man made pond in beaver dam wisconsin with canadian geese and other ducks. 12grallariidae antpittas 13promeropidae sugarbirds 14rhinocryptidae tapaculos 15stenostiridae fairy flycatchers 16motacillidae wagtails longclaws and pipits 17macrosphenidae african warblers 18phylloscopidae leaf warblers 19locustellidae.

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Seabirds marine birds such as penguins and gulls shorebirds waders order charadriiformes anseriformes also known as waterfowl ducks geese swans magpie geese screamers grebes order podicipediformes loons order gaviiformes ciconiiformes storks.

Water birds names. A stunning habitat shot of northern pintails in odisha india subhamoy das this baillon s crake and its perfectly captured reflection was photographed in rajarhat india shayan bose the black legged kittiwake is one of the most abundant gulls in the north atlantic. Black duck like water bird slightly more delicately built with white wings and a narrow white band across the back that seems to connect the wings to form a white strip across the back. Pelican puffin avocet etc are some of the most beautiful water birds which are seen commonly on sea shores.

Some examples of water birds are. They are members of the falcon family but their heads look very parrot like a red face and a thick curved bill offset their black and white plumage. Alphabetic list switch to taxonomic list albatross black footed laysan short tailed anhinga auklet cassin s crested least parakeet rhinoceros avocet american beardless tyrannulet northern bishop northern red bittern american least blackbird brewer s red winged rusty tricolored yellow headed bluebird mountain western bobolink.

An unusual looking florida raptor the crested caracara is mexico s national bird. What bird is that. Gt crested grebe chick.

We have photos song recordings in depth entries and more to help bird watchers correctly identify the birds they spot. These include swans geese ducks grebes scoters eiders and mergansers. Consult our bird identification guide to id mystery birds in the backyard and beyond.

The waterfowl is also called water birds by some. These birds can be found in a variety of bodies of water in north america. Read the list of these birds.

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