Why Collecting Rainwater Illegal

Don t worry rainwater harvesting is legal. Believe it or not in some states it s illegal to harvest rainwater.

Is It Illegal To Collect Rainwater

Just be careful that the rain barrel also known as a cistern has a suitable cover.

Why collecting rainwater illegal. Under the law no one was allowed to do anything which could interfere with the water going into his river or stream. Knowledge is power and will hopefully keep you out of trouble. In many cases those claims go back generations.

Have traditionally outlawed rain harvesting altogether. Since you needed water to mine for gold they d go upstream make a canal and channel the water and whatever gold was in it onto their property. There was also the issue of gold miners.

In rain barrels so for most people in oregon it s legal to collect and use rainwater. A few states in the western u s. Some states have minor regulations in terms of the amount of rainwater collecting and the means by which it is collected but most states allow their citizens to collect rainwater while others even encourage it.

The reasoning is that rainwater eventually makes its way into streams rivers and other water sources to which various individuals possess legal claims. The state requires a water rights permit to use public water including rainfall but there are exceptions for collecting precipitation water that gathers on an artificial impervious surface such as a rooftop or parking lot. While it is true that some states have made it illegal to collect rainwater the situation has been exaggerated to some extent online.

It used to be illegal to collect rainwater in nevada but a 2017 bill permits rain collection for non potable domestic use. If we find that rainwater collection is negatively affecting existing water rights in an area local restrictions may be developed to govern new systems. Eleven states in total have passed laws regarding rainwater but not all of these ban the use of harvesters.

Rainwater can only be collected from existing structures that have another purpose other than collecting rainwater. Some government restriction on rainwater harvesting is based on the rationale that it may disrupt the hydrologic cycle. So now you know why it is illegal to collect rainwater in certain states.

Janine pineo has been gardening all her life in maine and writing about it for more than two decades. In fact some states actively encourage people to collect their own rainwater using tax incentives. Check state rainwater harvesting laws and legislation about it or if there are laws that must be followed.

Rainwater must be used on the property where it is collected. It also allows remote guzzlers for wildlife that hold up to 20 000 gallons with a capture area of no more than an acre. Collecting rainwater illegal.

Louisiana law forbids selling polluted water which also includes ice. The reason for his arrest was because of diverting water laws against diverting water exist for the protection of the environment.

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