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Featuring one of the richest character creation systems an immense seamless world and epic siege wars. Black desert mobile spend 5k relic lightstone fragment shakatu spend 5k relic fragment 5k lightstone 3k to 4k alchemy stone 5k shakatu support channel.

Black Desert Mobile Experiment 40 000 Relic Fragments And 0 Abyss

Where on gods green earth do you find the collection item black fragment.

Black fragment black desert. Processing l simple alchemy. Black desert for pc. Ore gem star diamond.

I know i cant be the only one pulling my hair out. Craft black gems by combining black gem fragments with black stones in simple alchemy. English german french russian spanish portuguese turkish thai taiwanese japanese and indonesian sections of the site updated up to the latest version of the game.

An old fragment rarely found in the desert between the unknown patterns yona is written in the ancients language so it is called yona s fragment yona s fragments have a mysterious nature that attracts each other to change into a new substance. Yonas fragment is used for crafting rare accessories. Yona is written in the ancients language on the fragment so thus it was called yona s fragment.

Black desert online database. So far i have destroyed 6 7000 shadow knights and catfishmen based off of a earlier reddit post to no avail. Memory fragments have two main uses.

In this bdo memory fragment guide you will learn how to obtain these rare enhancement helpers that restore the maximum durability of your gear. Therefore it valued by both blacksmith and alchemists. Black gems are crafted from black gem fragments and are used in lower grade enhancement of life mastery gear.

Ancient kutum s fragment is an ingredient of the following recipe. The subreddit for black desert mobile an ios and android mmorpg developed by pearl abyss. Yona s fragments are old fragments that you can find in the deserts of valencia.

Ancient kutum s fragment used as recipe ingredient. Black desert online is the next gen action driven sandbox mmorpg. So i though i would put it out to the community for an update.

Main weapon 195 sub weapon 85 awakening 85 armor 134 accessories 176. And about the elusiveness of memories and how they are a fickle thing in black desert online so players beware blinks what were we talking about.

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