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They also have large sharp canine teeth and short rounded ears. The average weight of a female devil is 3 to 4 pounds less than that of a male.

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The tasmanian devil has medium length black hair and a white or tan colored necklace on the front of their chest.

Tasmanian devil weight. On average a tasmanian devil eats around 5 10 of its ownweight daily. Today however the tasmanian devil is merely a symbol of tasmania. The standard metabolic rate of a tasmanian devil is 141 kj kg 15 3 kcal lb per day many times lower than smaller marsupials.

The tasmanian devil is the world s largest carnivorous marsupial reaching 30 inches in length and weighing up to 26 pounds although its size will vary widely depending on where it lives and the. The average weight of a female tasmanian devil is around 7 kg but the female can grow to 9 kg in weight. The adult tasmanian devil weighs around 18 to 26 pounds nearly ten times the weight of a tiger cub.

A 5 kilogram 11 lb devil uses 712 kilojoules 170 kcal per day. They slightly resemble a small bear in appearance. In the prehistoric period these animals were widely distributed throughout the mainland australia.

The average height of an adult tasmanian devil is around 30cm or 12 inches at the shoulder. This the first blog on the tasmanian devil is the vibrant sometimes horrifying but remarkable facts about an iconic marsupial mammal and the great variety of people who have loved loathed and misunderstood it for centuries. The field metabolic rate is 407 kj kg 44 1 kcal lb.

Tasmanian devil is the australia s largest living marsupial carnivore about which we have limited understanding. They have a slightly lighter colored muzzle or mouth. Interestingly the animal s neck and head alone may make up to almost a quarter of the.

As an adult male weighs an average of 9 kg and afemale weighs around 7 kg this means a tasmanian devil will eatanywhere. The tasmanian devil is a well known small marsupial the size of a small dog. The average weight of an adult tasmanian devil may range from about 7kg for females to 11 kg for males.

The average weight of a female devil is 3 to 4 pounds less than that of a male.

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