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Devon boy s name meaning origin and popularity babycenter. The name may mean defender and refer to the celtic inhabitants who fought off anglo saxon invaders during the dark ages.

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What does devon mean.

Devon name meaning. Devon is the name of a county in the southwest of england known for beautiful little seaside villages wild moors and a history that includes pirates and smugglers. Devon is used as both a boys and girls name. It consists of 5 letters and 2 syllables and is pronounced de von.

The meaning of devon is from devonshire. The first one represents a nikname from the the old french devin which in turn derives from the latin word dīvīnē dīvīnus which means prophetically by intuition or divine inspiration divinely magnificently. It is also of irish origin where its meaning is poet.

It is of english origin. Several american towns have been named after it. The second one is of irish origin meaning descendant of damhán a byname meaning fawn.

The given name devon is of uncertain origin. A feminine variant of the name is devonne. It is mainly a north american name and may be derived from either the english county devon or from the surname devon.

D evon as a boys name also used less commonly as girls name devon is pronounced dev en. Devon is a county in england noted for its beautiful farmland.

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