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I keep it super simple and rotate all of my meals. Note that this emergency food shopping list is mostly for inspiration.

Be Prepared 14 Day Non Perishable Food Plan Favorite Family Recipes

Citrus cauliflower and apples last for a couple of weeks at a reasonable room temperature.

2 week food supply list. If the food or water supply is contaminated or interrupted do you have supplies on hand to sustain yourself and your family. Our survival system is free. Tuna fish meat.

That may require eating things that your family isn t used to eating. Don t waste your money on a costly ebook to learn about the right food supplies for emergencies. Survival food storage you can get from the grocery store shopping list of 37 foods to hoard.

Emergency food shopping list. So i only plan for four days and then reuse those meals multiple times. Dam collapse that interrupts regional electricity generation capacity.

How to build a two week emergency pantry. 2 week shopping list for 2 people. When selecting food for a survival situation there are several things that need to be taken into consideration.

This isn t buying your regular week s groceries multiplied by 10 but rather buying food that you will use instead of your regular groceries. If the community is getting sick can your family stay home for an extended period of time. Enter the number of children under 12.

Here s the shopping list of emergency food for a two week supply. Water powdered milk evaporated milk instant oatmeal dry cereal cream soup vegetable soup consumme bouillon cubes chicken tuna beef stew beef hash. Snow or ice storms.

8 cans 2 pkgs 2 pkgs 24 cans 24 cans 16 cans 2 pkgs 6 cans 4 cans 6 cans 6 cans 6 cans 6 cans 4 cans 4 cans 4 cans 6 cans 6 cans. Link to amazon grocery department. Recommended basic food storage amounts.

Rice 20 pounds beans 20 pounds or cans canned meat 20 cans canned fruit 20 cans canned veggies 20 cans canned soup 20 cans powdered milk 1 box cereal 2 boxes oatmeal 5 pounds peanut butter 2 jars pancake mix 10 pounds honey jam syrup pasta 20 pounds spaghetti. Enter the number of weeks supply you wish to store. Enter the number of adults 12 and older.

Buy food from each category. To create a 2 week supply of food you will need 14 dinner 14 lunches 14 breakfasts and 28 snacks treats. You may need to adjust how many days you plan based on your family needs and situations.

Fires that damage electrical overhead conductors interrupting regional electricity generation. Prices were taken from amazon dollar general and walmart selecting generic brands and bulk packs for the best value. You may have seen that clever video cartoon calling patriots to stockpile their pantry for emergency food supplies.

Each category below gives you a variety of choices and a total weight. 2 week supply of food for emergency. Of course stored at a chilly temperature and properly wrapped they can remain edible for much longer.

You should store the items you like to eat and know how to use.