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Make a compact survival kit using an altoids or sucrets tin. 3 x large elastoplast band aids.

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1x crkt ritter mk5 fixed blade knife 1x streamlight nano flashlight 1x whistle 8x water purification tablets 1x compass 1x mirror 1x coffee filter 4x waterproof matches 1x mini bic lighter 4x strips of gorilla tape 1 wide 1x razor blade 2x cotton balls 1x lint ball 1x dollar bill 1x striker for matches 2x needles 2x pins 1x spool of dental floss 2x fishing hooks 2x fishing sinkers 1x crazy glue 2x bandaids 1x mre beverage bag 2x.

Altoids survival tin list. It s better to make your own survival tin because you ll know what s inside and how to use the items. Make a survival kit out of an altoids tin and two more lifesaving diy projects the day hunter this kit designed to ride on your belt is ideal for most deer hunting trips. Best glide ase survival fishing kit.

An assortment of altoid tin survival kits. Here 39 s how to build your own mini survival kit and how to use the stuff in it. A survival tin is an everyday carry for preppers and fun to make.

Altoids survival tin list of what to put in a home made survival tin what to put in a homemade survival tin. My favorites are the spearmint altoid mints. Tiny light and infinitely transportable this affordable little kit might save your life in an emergency.

This is where the altoids survival tin can fall a bit short because the tin itself is simply not large enough to be able to house a true survival knife. While you can t hold a lot inside of one of these kits they are still a great backup if need and i suggest every pre ppe r have one. That being said there are still a wide number of other tasks that demand a sharp edge for which the smaller knives and blades that an altoids tin could house are appropriate.

It s crazy because you can purchase altoids almost anywhere for less than 4 plus you get the mints. I m going to tell you how to make an altoids survival kit here and give you some. This is definitely for a prolonged survival scenario and.

My personal altoids survival kit. Cut your photo small enough to fit flat in the. First gather your items.

Fishing kit with line hook and sinkers. Keep an image or token with you that will keep you going when things get rough. Here are all of the items in my altoids survival kit.

Here are some of t. Content list breakdown. My favorite edc kit list.

Altoids tin it is really crazy you can purchase empty tins on amazon for 5 95. Many many instructables have been posted about altoid tin survival kits they are extremely popular because the altoids tin in the perfect size and shape to contain whatever you please and still fit in your posket. If you re needing a compact edc survival kit maybe a a kit to throw inside your bug out bag or even a fishing kit for your tackle box then an altoids survival kit is for you.