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Even though many peoples have suffered physical and cultural extinction since the first contact with europeans the religious life of indigenous south american peoples is vibrant and varied. Central and south american mythology traditional beliefs of the native peoples of mexico and central and south america the aztecs had a rich and complex mythology much of it based on the earlier cultures of the toltecs and mayas the aztecs believed that there had been four eras suns before the one in which they were living and that each sun had ended in universal destruction.

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South american gods. Pages in category south american deities the following 9 pages are in this category out of 9 total. South american mythology covers a vast and diverse area. Auchimalgen wards off evil spirits and turns red when some important person is about to die.

This list is frequently updated we are constantly discovering more. Only auchimalgen cares anything for the human race all the rest of the gods being utterly malevolent. The concise list can be found on our pantheon page of south american gods and spirits.

This lesson will explore the major gods and goddesses of the inca culture which was the primary mythical tradition in south america spanning the andes bolivia chile columbia and peru. Our holy database currently contains 137 south american deity names and 62 unique articles. Then we plunge through brazil down the amazon and xingu rivers until we reach the coast.

South american gods auchimalgen araucanian chile moond goddess wife of the sun. Linguists have described as many as 1 500 distinct languages and native cultures in south america. We have already extracted the inca civilization from the top end and given it its own section.

Acclaimed norwegian explorer thor heyerdahl best known for his circumnavigating effort to prove that polynesia was peopled by south american voyagers believed that a white race inhabited south america. Our alphabetical list of south american gods and goddesses names. The atlantis author gerd von hassler linked the white gods to the biblical flood.

Many gods have more than one name. Wednesday and shadow s season one road trip takes place on easter sunday at a charming country estate in kentucky. Native american religions native american religions south america.

American gods starz entertainment llc the last stop on mr. Kami and keri south american generally kami and keri were born into the sky world as the sons of the jaguar oka and a woman created by magic. Their mother was killed by mero the jaguar s mother and in revenge kami and keri burned her and themselves up in a great fire.

This leaves scattered tribes in chile peru bolivia and colombia where the el dorado rumors started.