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Abandoned iron mine is the first monster zone a player will encounter in mediah if they follow the main quest. Only the strong survive.

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Many humans have been kidnapped and brought to this place to work as slaves.

Bdo abandoned iron mine. Nodes 0 0 cp. Or just another scam from the good ol server chat. Abandoned iron mine node values for black desert online.

Abandoned iron mine entrance node values for black desert online. Nodes subnodes items overview. Black desert online bdo where to grind with x ap.

Mine 3 cp zinc ore platinum ore powder of time. Alchemy cooking processing production material nodes. Back in the day it was considered mediah s main mining site but now it has been taken over by barbarians pushed here from the south.

There are no rules around here. Part 28 abandoned iron mine black desert online let s play gameplay part 1 dark knight includes a review story missions character creation side missions crafting with live commentary by jonlaw. Subnodes 0 0 cp.

In this abandoned iron mine grinding test. There are adventurers who exclusively seek out the violent monsters so you may meet another adventurer from time to time.