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With these things making a bucket toilet with a pool noodle is an easy task. Take a pool noodle cut a slit in it lengthwise and fit it over the top of the bucket.

How To Make A Diy Bucket Toilet Youtube

Create the toilet roll handle.

Bucket toilet with noodle. If you want the ends to come together without a gap you will need to cut them at a 45 angle. Before or after going sprinkle a little clumping cat litter inside. The center of the noodle is hollow so just cut down to the center.

Fit a 13 gallon trash bag into your bucket and cinch it tight around the top. Place your toilet seat on top and secure into. To make the pool noodle fit securely on the bucket rim you ll cut a slit half way through the noodle for the entire length of the noodle.

You can now push this onto the lip of the bucket to form a seat. Remove it from the bucket rim and cut the end of the noodle off. Rated red s abby casey shows you how to make a diy camping toilet out of a bucket a pool noodle and a garbage bag.

Reliance products 9881 03 luggable loo snap on toilet seat with lid for 5 gallon bucket black 13 0 inch x 1 5 inch x 14 0 inch 4 6 out of 5 stars 1 707 17 94 17. Home depot or lowes sells the 5 gallon buckets for about 3 so that is a great place to buy them. Take a utility knife and slice the pool noodle open all the way down one side.

A heavy duty trash bag. Place the pool noodle over the edge of the rim. Sanitize 5 gallon bucket and repeat.

Remove the metal handle from your 5 gallon bucket and thread the toilet paper roll on. First you need to make a toilet roll handle. To use your portable toilet.

After each use tie the small plastic bag closed and drop in bottom of 5 gallon bucket when bucket is full transfer all contents to large trash can with lid. It may not look it but this thing is seriously comfortable. A pair of pliers.

This provides a cushion y seat that isn t cold either and also holds the garbage bags in place. Place epoxy adhesive along the inside of the pool noodle making sure to closely follow the manufacturer s instructions for usage. Now that you have the supplies it is time to assemble a camping toilet.

This is the time you ll want to use the. Then place the noodle onto the rim of the bucket and push it downward so that it snaps into place. Secure the noodle to the rim of the bucket with epoxy adhesive.