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There s no really deep plot or amazing acting talent. An underwater cave diving team experiences a life threatening crisis during an expedition to the unexplored and least accessible cave system in the world.

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The 3 d action thriller sanctum follows a team of underwater cave divers on a treacherous expedition to the largest most beautiful and least accessible cave system on earth.

Cave diving movie. Around the world under the sea. Do they have what it takes to survive the open water. Here s what our readers have added to our list of the best scuba diving movies.

The cave is a 2005 american action horror film directed by bruce hunt. Three friends filming an audition tape for an extreme reality tv show find themselves stranded in shark infested waters turning their recording into a bloody diary of death. The boy on a dolphin.

Alister grierson stars. The life aquatic with steve zissou jaws 1975 gets an honorary mention. It stars cole hauser eddie cibrian morris chestnut marcel iureş lena headey rick ravanello piper perabo and daniel more more the cave 12 of 26 the best horror movies about travel gone wrong 84 of 182 the best monster movies.

With joel hogan josh potthoff megan peta hill pete valley. Real caves were also filmed in south australia s cave diving region around mount gambier. What this movie does have is a few very intense suspenseful moments which is only aided by the very dark and claustrophobic atmosphere of the cave.

They lived during the pleistocene epoch 1 808 000 to 11 550 years before present and are known mainly through cave drawings. Wreck of the mary deare. The cave is a fun popcorn flick.

None have been found in north america. Rhys wakefield allison cratchley christopher james baker richard roxburgh. Directed by gerald rascionato.

Stunt diver agnes milowka who appears as a double in the already released film drowned in one of these caves on 27 february 2011 when she reportedly ran out of air. Even though the underwater scenes were pretty thin on the ground this is one of the most iconic movies ever to take place on or below water. At around 46 mins the cave drawings featured a woolly rhinoceros which lived in eurasia.

Raiders from beneath the sea. The recently released scuba diving movie sanctum produced by the acclaimed producer and film maker james cameron got mixed reviews by audiences the world over some complained that the movie which was loosely based a real life incident in which writer producer andrew wight was involved in was exaggerated and over the top. It also has your average thriller twist at the end which i did not see coming.