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The japanese giant salamander is one of only three members of the cryptobranchidae family. The species is endemic to japan where it is known as ōsanshōuo literally meaning giant pepper fish.

Nature Picture Library Japanese Giant Salamander Andrias

When threatened these giant salamanders can excrete a strong smelling milky substance with an odor resembling japanese pepper hence its common japanese name giant pepper fish.

Giant salamander japan. They only breach their heads above the surface to obtain air without venturing out of the water and onto land. The cryptobranchidae are a family of fully aquatic salamanders commonly known as the giant salamanders. The japanese giant salamander is entirely aquatic and nocturnal.

Giant salamanders are mostly aquatic and live in cold fast flowing water where oxygen is in good supply. Their biology has changed little in millions of years earning them the title of living dinosaurs. A single species the hellbender inhabits the eastern united states with species also inhabiting china and japan.

The south china giant salamander can reach a length of 1 8 m. The japanese giant salamander reaches up to 1 44 m in length feeds at night on fish and crustaceans and has been known to live for more than 50 years in captivity. With a length of up to almost 1 5 m it is the third largest salamander in the world only being surpassed by the very similar and closely related chinese giant salamander and south china giant salamander.

Japanese giant salamanders are native to japan and can be found in the country s central highland mountainous regions. The japanese giant salamander is a species of salamander in the family cryptobranchidae. It inhabits fast flowing streams with clear and comparably cold water.

A few populations have also been discovered living on some of the smaller souther islands adjacent to the main island of japan. The japanese giant salamander andrias japonicus is a massive amphibian that exists exclusivey in japan from the western regions of mainland honshu to both shikoku and kyushu. The japanese giant salamander is indigenous to the eastern asian nation and is one of the biggest amphibian species in existence.

The japanese giant salamander can grow to over 1 5 metres and weigh over 25 kg. The japanese giant salamander this rather strange but but quite unique creature lives in rivers across western and south western japan. There are currently only five known members of the family cryptobranchidae.

Only males may leave the water during mating season to wander upstream which in recent times happens much more often due to human build dams and other obstacles disturbing the natural habitat. They are the largest living amphibians known today. The japanese giant salamander is the second largest in this family can grow up to 1 5 meters in length and potentially live up to a hundred years.

As its common and latin names andrias japonicus suggests they are an endemic species of japan that are both protected under japanese federal legislation.