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The total length of the french border is about 1 709 miles. Dôme du goûter pointe helbronner punta helbronner and the tallest mont blanc monte bianco itself.

Printable Map Of France And Surrounding Countries

Countries that border france include belgium luxembourg switzerland italy and spain.

Countries bordering france. France shares a border with eight countries. Countries in purple are those without a land border this is a list of countries and territories by land borders. French guinea an important part of the republic borders brazil and suriname.

Luxembourg is landlocked sharing borders with france belgium and germany. Neighbouring countries of france 1. The city of luxembourg is the country s capital and largest city.

France has endeavored to maintain strong and mutually beneficial ties with all the neighboring states as a means of enhancing social cohesion and economic integration in the eurozone. Simply click the numbered red markers to open the respective country. Neighbouring countries of france interactive map.

That borders is largely part of the alps. It includes the overseas regions and territories it extends from the mediterranean sea to the english channel and the north sea and bordered by different countries but what countries border france it is a question that mostly arises into our mind. Other countries in europe.

Switzerland more information on france find detailed information on france. France shares land boundaries with eight countries which encompass italy germany belgium spain monaco andorra switzerland and luxembourg. In june 2015 italian prime minister matteo renzi expressed repeated claims on some of the highest peaks of the mont blanc massif territory.

France has borders with 11 countries totaling 4 176 kilometres 2 595 mi for all of france and 2 913 kilometres 1 810 mi for metropolitan france. 1 the number of unique land borders of each country or territory is indicated as well the names of its neighbouring countries and territories. In the north france borders belgium the north east luxembourg east there is germany and switzerland.

France is a country in europe. France is 211 209 square miles in area and is the largest country in the european union. France is one of the largest european country with the total area of 640 679 square kilometers and population of 65 950 000.

Finally in the south there is spain and those very small countries manaco and andorra. Andorra shares 34 miles of border belgium shares 345 miles germany shares 260 miles italy shares 296 miles luxembourg shares 43 miles monaco. The border separating the two countries runs through the city and it is possible to find a building in monaco with parts if it is lying in france and because of this random borderline the official borders does not exist in reality.

Andorra belgium germany italy luxembourg monaco spain and switzerland. Present day luxembourg emerged from the congress of vienna in 1815 and today it is one of the smallest countries in europe. South east with italy.