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Dezember deh tsêm ber december when giving a date in german you state the number as an ordinal just like english. There are far fewer crowds as the holiday season is over but some attractions and accommodations may be closed.

German Calendar No December By Sylvia Ofili

The highlight of the german holiday season is holy eve on december 24th.

December in german. Shops and offices close early that day around noon or 2 pm the christmas tree at home is illuminated presents are opened and many people visit a christmas mass. If you plan to visit during this time be aware that prices temporarily peak and fireworks are everywhere for about 48 hours. It the deepest darkest days of december the sun rises at 8 30am and sets at 4 30pm.

Here s a tip to make them even easier to remember. December is the twelfth and last month of the year in the western calendar. In much of germany it also does a lot of hiding behind the clouds in the hours that it is meant to be shining.

It s time to learn the german words for the months of the year with this free audio lesson these will be rolling off your tongue in no time. They are planning to get married in december. For example in german the date 1 6 01 would be written 6 1 01 which is epiphany or three kings the 6th of january 2001.

It s useful to be able to read these words but it s even better if you can use. German words for december include dezember and dez. January and february are the most affordable time to visit germany.

Pin a german calendar to the wall or if you use the one on your computer or phone switch the language to german. Note that numbered dates in german and in all of the european languages are always written in the order of the day month year rather than the month day year. December translation in english german reverso dictionary see also deceiver decameter deceivable decelerate examples definition conjugation.

The numbers from 0 to 19 end in te to form ordinals like zehnte 10th. The silver lining to these grey soul destroying clouds is that you don t have to worry about sun damage.