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A walkie talkie is always a 2 way radio although a 2 way radiois not always a walkie talkie. The ht handheld transceiver enables you to talk on the radio while walking.

The Best Walkie Talkies Of 2020 A Buyer S Guide

This is the reason it is called a walkie talkie.

Difference between walkie talkie and two way radio. A major difference with the walkie talkie vs two way radio comparison is marketing. With this type of device you can speak on the radio as you walk around hence the name. Walkie talkies are often mentioned when discussing children s toys.

This is because there are types of radios that are not portable handhelds such as a mobile radio mounted in a vehicle or a desk or wall mounted base station. High definition walkie talkies are considered two way radios however the two way radio is not considered a walkie talkie. According to the definition a walkie talkie is a two way radio but a two way radio is not always a walkie talkie.

On the other hand two way radio as the name suggests allows two way conversation that is it can send and receive signal at the same time. Although the definitions of the two overlap there are slight differences. A handheld portable two way radio.

But it can be one. Walkie talkie is a device which allows communication between two people who are in proximity. A radio that can both receive and transmit radio signals walkie talkie.

The walkie talkie is a type of portable two way radio that is handheld. A walkie talkie is a handheld two way portable radio. To sum it up the two way radio can receive and transmit.

It is a small device with antenna and is portable as well. Two way radios on the other hand are the marketing verbiage reserved for radio sales to public and private agencies.