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25 emergency preparedness items i get at the dollar store plus 30 more first aid prepare without going broke emergency preparedness can quickly get expensive. You don t want to spend every night in complete darkness.

Diy Dollar Store First Aid Kit Ask A Prepper

Let s go over some basic supplies that you ll need to get your dollar store first aid kit started.

Dollar store emergency kit. You can build an entire survival kit with items from the dollar store. Later we ll go through a few additions you might consider making based on common medical conditions or issues. Storage bags basic ziploc plastic bags can be easily found at any dollar store and you can use them for a variety of purposes in a survival situation.

The dollar store does have thicker and more robust glove options. Anyways you can make a pretty good emergency kit with items from the dollar tree. Dollar store survival kit trash bags.

Let s go over the items. Basic first aid kit supplies. Gauze pads ideally both large and small so you can deal with whatever size injury comes your way.

Trash bags are essential for survival kits and using in everyday home life. There are hand grain mill dehydrators sun ovens candle ovens water barrels and more that all cost a pretty penny. Flashlights flashlights are a must have survival item when the power is out.

We spent almost exactly 50 on all the items we are listing however many of them can be used for multiple kits.