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There are few predators in the deep sea so these fish reproduce and grow quite slowly. She ll be two next saturday.


The mating process and the early days of a young blobfish are still a mystery to us however.

Baby blob fish. Reproduction of the blobfish. Either the female or male will then guard the eggs. Very little is known about the reproductive behaviors of blobfish because research is quite difficult.

Blobfish psychrolutes marcidus is a deep sea fish of the family psychrolutidae. I haven t held or smelled or even touched a baby since i buckled my girls into their car seats expecting them back in a few days and then never seeing or hearing about them again. Baby blobfish song baby shark parody runforthecube no autotune cover song.

Inhabiting the deep waters off the coasts of mainland australia and tasmania it is mostly a gelatinous mass with the same density as water. The warmth and weight of her is helping to ease the deep ache and emptiness in my chest where baby blobfish used to sleep. Sing along with this cover song version of the baby shark song using only a voice.

Buy the blobfishes seen in this. A blob fish guarding its eggs is commonly referred to as a brooding fish. Perhaps it s unfair to judge a fish out of water but the blobfish looks more like a ball of slime than a living creature.

We do know that the female blobfish can lay thousands of pink eggs on the ocean floor. Females will lay thousands of eggs on the sea floor. Because the blobfish lives in an area with no plants or caves someone must watch and guard the eggs at all times.

Unlike most fish the blob fish or blob sculpin will lay its eggs close to another blob fish. Blobfish live deep in the ocean where pressures are exceedingly high. Blobfish this gelatinous mass lives off the australian coast in the indian ocean.