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Let s try to draw a quarter. Would you like to draw a moonlit sky.

Hand Drawn Sketch Of Moon Planet In Black Isolated On White

S o c i a l.

Drawing of moon. Smiling moon drawing by dazdraperma 31 4 175 full moon night drawings by mtkang 25 2 482 tree branches against full moon clip art by denisov 54 1 460 black moon stock illustration by cidepix 21 4 634 vector image of moon in the night. Start out by picking your materials. Doing so is easier than ever with the help of this simple step by step drawing tutorial.

How to draw a cartoon moon step 1. 100 1 votes step 1. Today i ll be showing you guys how to draw a moon and night sky.

I used a 9b pencil for my dark shading but any b pencil should work. Start of by drawing a circle in. It is very important when drawing the moon to have a basic idea of the major landmark.

It is made of a circle and like i said above many craters have been. You will now sketch out or shade in the dark patches that is scattered more to the left side of the moons surface. Man it s been a minuet since i ve drawn an anyone can draw this tutorial.

This shape should be as big as you want your moon to be. The moon is a subject of photography paintings poetry and music. Dawn march 28 2010.

The dark areas of the. Nothing special about the moon s shape. How to draw the moon step 1.

To draw a nice moon you need to know how to draw a circle. Obviously start by drawing a big round circle. But the earth s best friend is more than that.

How to draw a moon.