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Elite Dangerous Black Hole Mintaka B With Ship By Kishi5 On

You ll be able to fly towards the black hole for a little while.

Elite dangerous black hole. Some footage of the supermassive black hole named sagittarius a in the space simulation elite dangerous. Black holes are typically the condensed stellar remnants of supermassive stars that have reached the end of their lives. Nuclear fusion has ceased and the star has collapsed into a singularity where gravity is so extreme that light can no longer escape.

Anyone can reproduce this by simply travelling to this black hole. This system was first colonised with the construction of obsidian orbital in november 3301. Then suddenly your ship will stop moving towards it.

Probably just a couple boost s worth. It is the location of obsidian orbital constructed with the efforts of the galactic community and one of the first major settlements. Our search index is currently rebuilding some celestial bodies will not be returned by the search engine 191 021 488 192 018 206.

In game description maia is a federal system in the pleiades nebula in the inner orion spur. Many strange artefacts have been discovered in this region of space. Here is a video of what it looks lik.

Here you run into one of two cases. The black hole has a body exclusion zone properly implemented. No cheats or hacks of anykind used.

After the emergency drop from supercruise though is where black holes can get a little weird.